How To Build Confidence?

30 October 2009

Ways to build confidence and self-esteem to maximize your performance in anything.

I would like to apologize for the late update. Normally I would always post some new stuff up here about every 2-3 days. I have fell ill and it's terrible! But here's some tip for those who lack the confidence and guts to do certain things.

"LoLZomG I Willz Do Mai Best!"

Building Confidence
1. Saying you WILL do it.
Have you watched those, anime or movie where this hero will come out and say something, and all his friends trusted him that he would do it? Well, you could take this as an example. Whenever the other person can do it, you could also do it. Just say that you can, and you'll work your way out. Don't just say without doing anything. Look at how artists portray the determination in the heroes' eyes when they say they can.

2. Tell your friends about your success.
If you succeed doing something because you took the courage out of yourself to do it, you can brag about it to your friends. If your friends support you, you'll get the confidence. If they don't and say that it's just a petty thing, then you get strength to do something bigger.

3. Nike: Just Do It.
A Nike fan? Well you might as well apply the motto it has. Whenever you want to do something but you don't dare, or having no confidence. Just do it. Fail or not is another question.

4. Overcome your fear.
If your fear makes you lose confidence, then overcome that fear. Normally if you face something that you're afraid of, you will hold back. But if you can overcome that fear once, it means that fear is gone forever.

Losing confidence will eventually lead us to failure. If we know we can do it, we'll give our 100% and attain success. By having the confidence, we will work hard and achieve it. Even if we fail, we knew we already done our best, and we could accept it because we had the confidence and had put in everything we've got.