SPM Trials 2009 Sejarah Tips

29 August 2009

Tips for Sejarah in SPM Trials 2009

These are the tips for Sejarah. Take note this is merely a forecast, spotting questions might not give you the upper hand! But for those who have already covered everything or those who haven't covered anything at all, this will be an extra boost if it really comes out for the trials.

Structured Questions
Form 4 Topics
Bani Abbaisyah
Tamadun Indus

Form 5 Topics
Gerakan Islah
Perpaduan Bangsa

Essay Questions
Form 4 Topics
Pengaruh Hindu-Buddha
Zaman Gelap / Zaman Renaissance

Form 5 Topics
Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (1948-1957)
UMNO / Pakatan Murni
Pertubuhan Peringkat Antarabangsa

Thanks to Chai Kein Yong for the tips.


How to Overcome Sadness?

27 August 2009

Overcome your sadness with simple steps.

A year back, Nico and I had always been arguing and we hurt each other a lot. We were always sad and it's so hard for us to go on our relationship until we had several break-ups. Although all that conflict with each other, we're still together here as one loving couple and we don't argue as much anymore!

Now let's see how to overcome sadness and get over it quickly so we can be more productive instead of lying down, suffering from a failure or something for weeks.

Sadness. I actually had to photoshop this myself.

Ways to Overcome Sadness
1. Get a hobby and do something you like.
One thing you can do is to watch your favourite TV shows, play some games, read books or do any of your hobbies. Hobbies are things which you like to do, and everyone has something they REALLY like to do, and will most probably not bother about something else. Just like how a kid ignores you while they're playing video games. It makes you happy and you'll be optimistic.

2. Manage your mindset.
Do not try to forget things that happened. You just need to realise how pointless it is and how many people you'll hurt by being sad, then get over it. Let sad events come and go in your mind, and continue your life. If you want to cry, cry it out. Accept facts, do not deny and stop blaming yourself. Never try to struggle and forget something as quick as possible. Be productive and approach things differently.

3. Listen or play some music.
Music calms the mind. If you listen to sad music, you will eventually pay more attention to the lyrics and try to compare them with your life. Stop comparing and start listening to soothing music. If you're a musician, you could try playing songs that you like. Sometimes playing sad songs can be a way of expressing your feelings which will overcome your sadness, like how I did.

4. Eat chocolates!
Chocolates contain serotonin, a kind of neurotransmitter that stimulates happiness. Chocolates are so yummy...

5. Socialize with friends and family.
Most people express themselves by telling their friends or family members. You could try giving them a hug too.

6. Stay healthy.
Get enough sleep and eat right as well as drinking enough water. It's frustrating to be sick or in a mess while you're sad. Do some exercise or meditate and relax.

Nobody is perfect.
You're not perfect and you're not nobody. It's natural to be sad, and you can't overcome it as quick as you might have thought of, but you can reduce the period and you'll be more productive. Set goals and achieve them.


Why do friends backstab?

26 August 2009

It hurts when people backstab you? :D

Most of my friends who are girls, as well as my girlfriend were hurt due to certain friends backstabbing/betraying them. Before we start, let's take a look at a lovely friendship picture in a hotel room. (Advertising gaming network in blog...)

WarriorNation: CabalSEA section in Hotel Sri Petaling.

The Reason
Most people "backstab" because it really is for self-preservation. Some friends "backstab" others, by exposing secrets, put the blame on you and more. They feel the need to do it because they want to be carefree or they have an envious heart/greed for things they want from you. Some do it for the fun of it, they want to bully you and make you cry! :D

How to Prevent?
There is no way to prevent, but you can just pick your friends. Like I said, they do it mainly for self-preservation, they're not really in the wrong, this is the world, face it. Most friends of mine who are girls, they have these "best friends forever" or "best friend" thing. Okay, this is how Girl A thinks.

"Best friends should always be there for you! I was always there for her but she wasn't for me!"

The psychology implemented here is, you're my best friend, so we must be always close to each other and be there when we're in need as always! Don't think like that. The reason why your best friend is YOUR best friend is because you made your best friend YOUR best friend. You can always switch best friends because it is your preference to which friend is the BEST for YOU overtime. People's preferences change from time to time.

Attitude to Implement
1. Don't expect!
If you always expect your friend to do something in return and your friend doesn't, you'll be in dismay. You have your own capabilities, don't hand it to a friend if you're not prepared that your friend might not do it well. Friends are not you. They can't do it like how you want it to be.

2. Don't turn your backs on them?
I heard this from some friend...but it's good I guess. Just leave no opening for a backstab and you'll be fine or just take it and be happy because you don't care.

3. Have no best friends.
You can have close friends, but never till the point to expect that this specific friend has to be there for you everytime and treat you better. That's the job of your (future) girlfriend/boyfriend.

4. Blame yourself for getting hurt from a backstab.
If you're that dumb to be affected by a backstab, you're not ready to live in the world yet! ;)

Last Words
Both friends who care about you and friends who don't make your life clearer and it's best to have them both in our lives. You wan't good friends? Warrior Nation is a start! :D



25 August 2009

Nico no likes Christians! :(

Yes, but I am one! Unbaptized, perhaps know nothing about Christianity, I don't even claim myself as a faithful believer, I'm just stated as "Christian" because my father is one. From a young age I've always been pondering...and wonder why people keep talking about God and stuff when we all don't know if He even existed.

Oh and Nico, there was a time you thought I was angry at you because you don't like Christians, I actually did not. ^_^

"You" in this post refers to anyone reading this post who are obsessed with their religion.

Start of the World
If the world had nothing in the first place, I mean, no dust, no particle, no buu-buu, nothing. As time travels, there will still be nothing. So something has to exist in the first place right? And most of us claim that it is God that existed. But there is always a possibility for something else to exist. Something else can be a very unstable, large source of energy.

That large source of energy can might as well be the Sun itself, but it existed, and it's unstable. It will create something else that is not equal to itself, something inferior, a new element. Scientists say the Big Bang! is the start of everything. The Big Bang might as well be a massive and long chain reaction of nuclear fission, an ongoing decay and separation of the nuclei of atoms, bombarding electrons to one another, itself, and more.

How did Big Bang happen? How did the Sun get there? Dammit, how does this differ from how God is suddenly there? Just because He is a spiritual being, you can't see Him and He is not matter? Light isn't matter, it has no mass. Light = Photon. Photons come from electrons. Is it spiritual too? We can't see Infrared/UV, zomg, spiritual.

Why Christians as the true religion? Why not Buddha and Hindu? Well because they have some flying elephant creature and super magical powers, okay. Why not Islam? Islams don't have super powers or miracles, just plain message from God and that's it. Oh well, Nabi Muhammand could be a very strategic planner, but...the hell he knows what's gonna happen to him next and plans what to do in future AND succeeding everytime. Someone must have told him! :D

NOES! Christians have a FULL history and PEOPLE have SEEN the miraculous acts of Jesus Christ. The Bible's original language isn't English. How many years it has translated from language to language till now? Those old Catholic folks would alter anything in the Bible to get dumb citizens to obey them and be a good boy. They hold the most power back then. As far as I know, people who study about the bible found out that the English translation has different sentence than it's original, Hebrew. Different sentence = different meaning. For the miracles, imagine street magicians. Many possibilities. But the design of all living creatures, DNA and so on are so intelligently made...how is that possible? If mutation is possible, anything's possible...but I could be wrong.

My Point?
My point is that religion or not, none of us know what existed back then. We choose what to believe, deal with it. Just accept what others have to say and don't persist on persuading them into believing what you believe. We are all humans, and in this world, the things we give a damn about are love and money. Focus on your goals instead of fighting for religion and pray for everything. It's not bad to have faith, but...

Faith doesn't give you fruits, it gives you seeds.

Get it? No more conflicts and arguements about religion then. So Nico, you still wanna marry this unfaithful son of a gun ranting about religion? :D


Honey Lemon Recipe

24 August 2009

A soothing Honey Lemon recipe as a remedy for sore throats.

Alex gave me an idea to post up the "Perfect" Honey Lemon recipe, but perfect or not is always dependant on your own preference. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Here's my recipe anyway.

This serving is for one cup, if you're gonna make a big jug of it, vary the amounts by ratio.

1 Cup of Water
4 teaspoons of Honey
2 teaspoons of Lemon Juice

1. Honey doesn't mix in water well, so we need heat. Either you get some hot water or just pour normal temperature water, put in the honey and heat it up later on in a microwave or something.
2. Put in your lemon juice. (If you want you can drop in a slice of lemon as well)
3. Stir, stir, stir.

Honey is denser than water, if you don't mix it well in water using heat, all the honey is going to settle to the bottom, that's the stupid thing that I always get in restaurants.

You can either add less or more honey for its sweetness, or add less honey, include a teaspoon of sugar. It all depends on your taste, experiment. You can also vary the amount of lemon juice for the lemon flavour. This seems to be the one for me.

Health Warning!
Do not allow children under 2 years of age to consume anything that has honey to be safe! Honey contains clostridium botulinium spores. This bacteria can produce toxins in children, mainly infants less than 12 months due to the low acidity in the digestive system.

Ahh, another post to remind ourselves of our love.


A Short Trip to KL

23 August 2009

KL Trip to new house?

In Ipoh...
On Friday, 21st of August, it wasn't a holiday just yet. I had to go to Kuala Lumpur with my family as my parents need to deal with things concerning the new house I'm about to move in next year probably. Early in the morning, we woke up, I had to hand up a poster to my teacher for some Independence Day competition among classes. Here it is.

Notice the Honey Lemon below my signature in the clouds. That's for you, baby~! XD

Independence Day poster...abstract.

I rushed this poster to school early in the morning, saw my friend Evo sitting by the assembly grounds and I chucked the poster, crayon boxes and the Malaysia flag that I was supposed to return to my class teacher at him as well as giving him a pen drive to return to Leon. Then Evo replied me, "The thing ended!"

I paused. In my mind came the rantings, "Puppy, why did I do this puppy poster if the competition's ended? Puppy!" (replace puppy with any vulgarities you can imagine, this blog is for general viewing)

Then, I walked back into the car and head off to KL.

In cousin's house, Putra Heights...
After a tedious wait and walk to settle matters of the new house, we went to my uncle's house. As I walked into the kitchen, a little shirt...or jacket...caught my eye.

I know you're distressed but it's not a good word for small girls to learn.

My cousins are very young, one of them is 7 years old, the other is younger. So we should be aware to keep these out of sight, else we'll aspire young children to wear or speak certain words in future. It's not that bad anyway. (Don't get too raged up about this, it's just a joke ;D)
After a while, cousins came back from school and stuff, brought home some flags and decorations for Independence Day! Joyful it is, but Malaysia is some country that not all of it's citizens (perhaps a big part of it) are cheerful for. Why? Politics!

Patriotism in children! Years later you'll see how many flags are in their trash can.

Albeit now we see how children love to celebrate public holidays and showing their love for the country, years later they'll be craving to go overseas. Then we just watched TV, played around, chat and have dinner...so on till the next morning. Nico called at night, we talked for quite some time.

Moron wants to camwhore while brushing his teeth.

Dinner, chinese food, it's good really.

Next Day...
The next day, I was aroused from my sleep by a wake-up call from Nico. I just waited at my uncle's house, while my parents and brother went off to take care of the other matters concerning the new house. Watched some Disney cartoons with my cousins. I just wanted to say, that not all of these cartoons are actually just for kids. Some of the episodes are made for educational purposes, such as Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land, which teaches you how shapes are deriviated, how music is created by ratio, the uses of rectangles in proportions and almost everything in life, and so on. Mathematics opens the door to future! As quoted from the episode. Indeed. This episode shows about Pythagoras, and his discoveries in mathematics, as well as applications of mathematics in life. Interesting and easy to comprehend as they visualize everything in the cartoon.

The problem with this is, their usage of words, it's not intended for kids. Young children are smart, but they're not exposed to many words yet. There are...basically so many words, that even us and adults have not known yet. Besides, what kind of a 7 year old would like to watch cartoons for education anyway. All they want is action and comedy! So cartoons are for everyone. There's a misconception, especially in adolescents where cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and other classics are for kids. This is wrong, and the comedy is for everyone even if there's no educational or moral value in it.

At night, we had dinner at Pizza Hut in IOI Mall in Puchong and walked around for some appliances for the new home. Then we returned to my uncle's house.

Carousel, carousel.

Before going to bed, Nico called me. My phone's battery was already dying out, and I was a bit busy. I told her that my phone is dying out and I was a bit busy. Then she was sad, probably frowning over the phone as she spoke to me in a sorrowful tone. I told her I could talk, even thouh I'm busy, I could give 5-10 minutes.
But she always drags me to 30 minutes+ every phone call. It's unexplainable how thrilling it is to chat with her over the phone till time flies as though I'm travelling through a "chrono-dimension" or some sort. So we talked that night, some sweet romantic stuff about how we missed each other, "dirty-dirty" talk, and many more enthusiastic topics. That's the end of the day! The next day, my family and I returned to Ipoh. Ahhh, home sweet home.


Expression of Love No.1?

18 August 2009

Shouting to everyone that I love Nico.

Hah, there was once I told Nico that I'm going to shout to everyone that I love her very much. She didn't believe I would do it, because it was stupid. And it was! But of course, for her, she might not think it's stupid anymore ;D

It's all the stupid things boys do that make girls happy, heh. So I have shouted to some friends for a start, I'll post up the little screenies here. I started off with my friends in MSN. It's Windows Live actually, but I used to call it MSN, so...just keep it as MSN.

MSN Friends



Venkeeran having doubts on the name of my beloved.

Xuan Xu

Leon Vong


Wei Jien


Deric Lee

Teoh Wei Jiet

After some time talking to friends in my MSN contact list, I decided to post a thread on my gaming network, WarriorNation. Did I mention to you this is the best gaming network ever? Well it is for me, I knew some friends there and they were the best. We had outings for guild bonding, and it all kinda comes together somehow, like a family. However, they're probably too busy with their own work or perhaps not supporting me on purpose D:<

I also went to Yahoo! Chat and again, no one replied me. Chatroom with 40+ people in it, only one bored idiot trying to express his love. Then I realised it was the Rap, Hip-hop music chatroom. Ahhh...

There are a few pictures which wouldn't show when clicked. I tried reuploading but it has no effect :(

That's all for today, hope my little insignificant acts may add some meaning into our love.


A New Start

17 August 2009

It's a new start between me and my baby!

About a week before, I told her that I wanted to end our relationship because I couldn't accept her behaviour and her personality which was very disrespectful, not only to me but also to my other friends. It's been a year and 5 months we've been together, and now we will continue our journey from here. I will try my best to love her, to accept anything of her from now, and I will try to contribute as much as I can to our love.

Today is 17th of August, which is one day past our Honey Lemon day. Honey Lemon day is the day we first said "I Love You" to each other, which is on 16th of every month. On that particular day, we're supposed to drink Honey Lemon as a rememberance for our start. Hmm, strange. We got back together during Honey Lemon Day too, which is yesterday.

A new blog made as an addition of all the itsy bitsy things I will do to make our love more meaningful. For more information on Honey Lemon and our start, click Profile.

This would be the story, and all the journals we can make to record our journey. We will face our challenges together, and be united always. All ups and downs, we will face, and even if how much of an obstacle we need to overcome, we can always do it together. Here's a little sentence about me and my dear, getting together after a break up.

If the Honey Lemon is too sour for us to drink, we can always add sugar and still drink it, right?