How to Overcome Sadness?

27 August 2009

Overcome your sadness with simple steps.

A year back, Nico and I had always been arguing and we hurt each other a lot. We were always sad and it's so hard for us to go on our relationship until we had several break-ups. Although all that conflict with each other, we're still together here as one loving couple and we don't argue as much anymore!

Now let's see how to overcome sadness and get over it quickly so we can be more productive instead of lying down, suffering from a failure or something for weeks.

Sadness. I actually had to photoshop this myself.

Ways to Overcome Sadness
1. Get a hobby and do something you like.
One thing you can do is to watch your favourite TV shows, play some games, read books or do any of your hobbies. Hobbies are things which you like to do, and everyone has something they REALLY like to do, and will most probably not bother about something else. Just like how a kid ignores you while they're playing video games. It makes you happy and you'll be optimistic.

2. Manage your mindset.
Do not try to forget things that happened. You just need to realise how pointless it is and how many people you'll hurt by being sad, then get over it. Let sad events come and go in your mind, and continue your life. If you want to cry, cry it out. Accept facts, do not deny and stop blaming yourself. Never try to struggle and forget something as quick as possible. Be productive and approach things differently.

3. Listen or play some music.
Music calms the mind. If you listen to sad music, you will eventually pay more attention to the lyrics and try to compare them with your life. Stop comparing and start listening to soothing music. If you're a musician, you could try playing songs that you like. Sometimes playing sad songs can be a way of expressing your feelings which will overcome your sadness, like how I did.

4. Eat chocolates!
Chocolates contain serotonin, a kind of neurotransmitter that stimulates happiness. Chocolates are so yummy...

5. Socialize with friends and family.
Most people express themselves by telling their friends or family members. You could try giving them a hug too.

6. Stay healthy.
Get enough sleep and eat right as well as drinking enough water. It's frustrating to be sick or in a mess while you're sad. Do some exercise or meditate and relax.

Nobody is perfect.
You're not perfect and you're not nobody. It's natural to be sad, and you can't overcome it as quick as you might have thought of, but you can reduce the period and you'll be more productive. Set goals and achieve them.