25 August 2009

Nico no likes Christians! :(

Yes, but I am one! Unbaptized, perhaps know nothing about Christianity, I don't even claim myself as a faithful believer, I'm just stated as "Christian" because my father is one. From a young age I've always been pondering...and wonder why people keep talking about God and stuff when we all don't know if He even existed.

Oh and Nico, there was a time you thought I was angry at you because you don't like Christians, I actually did not. ^_^

"You" in this post refers to anyone reading this post who are obsessed with their religion.

Start of the World
If the world had nothing in the first place, I mean, no dust, no particle, no buu-buu, nothing. As time travels, there will still be nothing. So something has to exist in the first place right? And most of us claim that it is God that existed. But there is always a possibility for something else to exist. Something else can be a very unstable, large source of energy.

That large source of energy can might as well be the Sun itself, but it existed, and it's unstable. It will create something else that is not equal to itself, something inferior, a new element. Scientists say the Big Bang! is the start of everything. The Big Bang might as well be a massive and long chain reaction of nuclear fission, an ongoing decay and separation of the nuclei of atoms, bombarding electrons to one another, itself, and more.

How did Big Bang happen? How did the Sun get there? Dammit, how does this differ from how God is suddenly there? Just because He is a spiritual being, you can't see Him and He is not matter? Light isn't matter, it has no mass. Light = Photon. Photons come from electrons. Is it spiritual too? We can't see Infrared/UV, zomg, spiritual.

Why Christians as the true religion? Why not Buddha and Hindu? Well because they have some flying elephant creature and super magical powers, okay. Why not Islam? Islams don't have super powers or miracles, just plain message from God and that's it. Oh well, Nabi Muhammand could be a very strategic planner, but...the hell he knows what's gonna happen to him next and plans what to do in future AND succeeding everytime. Someone must have told him! :D

NOES! Christians have a FULL history and PEOPLE have SEEN the miraculous acts of Jesus Christ. The Bible's original language isn't English. How many years it has translated from language to language till now? Those old Catholic folks would alter anything in the Bible to get dumb citizens to obey them and be a good boy. They hold the most power back then. As far as I know, people who study about the bible found out that the English translation has different sentence than it's original, Hebrew. Different sentence = different meaning. For the miracles, imagine street magicians. Many possibilities. But the design of all living creatures, DNA and so on are so intelligently is that possible? If mutation is possible, anything's possible...but I could be wrong.

My Point?
My point is that religion or not, none of us know what existed back then. We choose what to believe, deal with it. Just accept what others have to say and don't persist on persuading them into believing what you believe. We are all humans, and in this world, the things we give a damn about are love and money. Focus on your goals instead of fighting for religion and pray for everything. It's not bad to have faith, but...

Faith doesn't give you fruits, it gives you seeds.

Get it? No more conflicts and arguements about religion then. So Nico, you still wanna marry this unfaithful son of a gun ranting about religion? :D