Why do friends backstab?

26 August 2009

It hurts when people backstab you? :D

Most of my friends who are girls, as well as my girlfriend were hurt due to certain friends backstabbing/betraying them. Before we start, let's take a look at a lovely friendship picture in a hotel room. (Advertising gaming network in blog...)

WarriorNation: CabalSEA section in Hotel Sri Petaling.

The Reason
Most people "backstab" because it really is for self-preservation. Some friends "backstab" others, by exposing secrets, put the blame on you and more. They feel the need to do it because they want to be carefree or they have an envious heart/greed for things they want from you. Some do it for the fun of it, they want to bully you and make you cry! :D

How to Prevent?
There is no way to prevent, but you can just pick your friends. Like I said, they do it mainly for self-preservation, they're not really in the wrong, this is the world, face it. Most friends of mine who are girls, they have these "best friends forever" or "best friend" thing. Okay, this is how Girl A thinks.

"Best friends should always be there for you! I was always there for her but she wasn't for me!"

The psychology implemented here is, you're my best friend, so we must be always close to each other and be there when we're in need as always! Don't think like that. The reason why your best friend is YOUR best friend is because you made your best friend YOUR best friend. You can always switch best friends because it is your preference to which friend is the BEST for YOU overtime. People's preferences change from time to time.

Attitude to Implement
1. Don't expect!
If you always expect your friend to do something in return and your friend doesn't, you'll be in dismay. You have your own capabilities, don't hand it to a friend if you're not prepared that your friend might not do it well. Friends are not you. They can't do it like how you want it to be.

2. Don't turn your backs on them?
I heard this from some friend...but it's good I guess. Just leave no opening for a backstab and you'll be fine or just take it and be happy because you don't care.

3. Have no best friends.
You can have close friends, but never till the point to expect that this specific friend has to be there for you everytime and treat you better. That's the job of your (future) girlfriend/boyfriend.

4. Blame yourself for getting hurt from a backstab.
If you're that dumb to be affected by a backstab, you're not ready to live in the world yet! ;)

Last Words
Both friends who care about you and friends who don't make your life clearer and it's best to have them both in our lives. You wan't good friends? Warrior Nation is a start! :D