SPM Trials 2009 Sejarah Tips

29 August 2009

Tips for Sejarah in SPM Trials 2009

These are the tips for Sejarah. Take note this is merely a forecast, spotting questions might not give you the upper hand! But for those who have already covered everything or those who haven't covered anything at all, this will be an extra boost if it really comes out for the trials.

Structured Questions
Form 4 Topics
Bani Abbaisyah
Tamadun Indus

Form 5 Topics
Gerakan Islah
Perpaduan Bangsa

Essay Questions
Form 4 Topics
Pengaruh Hindu-Buddha
Zaman Gelap / Zaman Renaissance

Form 5 Topics
Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (1948-1957)
UMNO / Pakatan Murni
Pertubuhan Peringkat Antarabangsa

Thanks to Chai Kein Yong for the tips.