Expression of Love No.1?

18 August 2009

Shouting to everyone that I love Nico.

Hah, there was once I told Nico that I'm going to shout to everyone that I love her very much. She didn't believe I would do it, because it was stupid. And it was! But of course, for her, she might not think it's stupid anymore ;D

It's all the stupid things boys do that make girls happy, heh. So I have shouted to some friends for a start, I'll post up the little screenies here. I started off with my friends in MSN. It's Windows Live actually, but I used to call it MSN, so...just keep it as MSN.

MSN Friends



Venkeeran having doubts on the name of my beloved.

Xuan Xu

Leon Vong


Wei Jien


Deric Lee

Teoh Wei Jiet

After some time talking to friends in my MSN contact list, I decided to post a thread on my gaming network, WarriorNation. Did I mention to you this is the best gaming network ever? Well it is for me, I knew some friends there and they were the best. We had outings for guild bonding, and it all kinda comes together somehow, like a family. However, they're probably too busy with their own work or perhaps not supporting me on purpose D:<

I also went to Yahoo! Chat and again, no one replied me. Chatroom with 40+ people in it, only one bored idiot trying to express his love. Then I realised it was the Rap, Hip-hop music chatroom. Ahhh...

There are a few pictures which wouldn't show when clicked. I tried reuploading but it has no effect :(

That's all for today, hope my little insignificant acts may add some meaning into our love.