A New Start

17 August 2009

It's a new start between me and my baby!

About a week before, I told her that I wanted to end our relationship because I couldn't accept her behaviour and her personality which was very disrespectful, not only to me but also to my other friends. It's been a year and 5 months we've been together, and now we will continue our journey from here. I will try my best to love her, to accept anything of her from now, and I will try to contribute as much as I can to our love.

Today is 17th of August, which is one day past our Honey Lemon day. Honey Lemon day is the day we first said "I Love You" to each other, which is on 16th of every month. On that particular day, we're supposed to drink Honey Lemon as a rememberance for our start. Hmm, strange. We got back together during Honey Lemon Day too, which is yesterday.

A new blog made as an addition of all the itsy bitsy things I will do to make our love more meaningful. For more information on Honey Lemon and our start, click Profile.

This would be the story, and all the journals we can make to record our journey. We will face our challenges together, and be united always. All ups and downs, we will face, and even if how much of an obstacle we need to overcome, we can always do it together. Here's a little sentence about me and my dear, getting together after a break up.

If the Honey Lemon is too sour for us to drink, we can always add sugar and still drink it, right?