How To Build Confidence?

30 October 2009

Ways to build confidence and self-esteem to maximize your performance in anything.

I would like to apologize for the late update. Normally I would always post some new stuff up here about every 2-3 days. I have fell ill and it's terrible! But here's some tip for those who lack the confidence and guts to do certain things.

"LoLZomG I Willz Do Mai Best!"

Building Confidence
1. Saying you WILL do it.
Have you watched those, anime or movie where this hero will come out and say something, and all his friends trusted him that he would do it? Well, you could take this as an example. Whenever the other person can do it, you could also do it. Just say that you can, and you'll work your way out. Don't just say without doing anything. Look at how artists portray the determination in the heroes' eyes when they say they can.

2. Tell your friends about your success.
If you succeed doing something because you took the courage out of yourself to do it, you can brag about it to your friends. If your friends support you, you'll get the confidence. If they don't and say that it's just a petty thing, then you get strength to do something bigger.

3. Nike: Just Do It.
A Nike fan? Well you might as well apply the motto it has. Whenever you want to do something but you don't dare, or having no confidence. Just do it. Fail or not is another question.

4. Overcome your fear.
If your fear makes you lose confidence, then overcome that fear. Normally if you face something that you're afraid of, you will hold back. But if you can overcome that fear once, it means that fear is gone forever.

Losing confidence will eventually lead us to failure. If we know we can do it, we'll give our 100% and attain success. By having the confidence, we will work hard and achieve it. Even if we fail, we knew we already done our best, and we could accept it because we had the confidence and had put in everything we've got.


How To Gain Weight?

26 October 2009

Too skinny? Underweight?

Maybe some of you feel too light and not strong enough due to your body weight. Gaining weight does not only mean gaining fats, but gain some muscles. Muscles make up most of the body weight anyway. Gaining too much fat just to be heavier/stronger isn't too good either. A little fat will do.

Gaining Weight
Eating Healthily
It's important to know that you must eat healthy as well. Eating more is good, but be sure to take in lots of protein and carbohydrates. Basically what we'll do is to increase your calory intake, by taking in protein and carbohydrates instead of unhealthy fatty foods. Eat more fish, tuna, chicken, vegetables and so on.

2. Exercise!
Since running and other aerobic exercise are more suitable to lose weight (burning calories and fats), it would be much better if you exercise by lifting weights and walking instead.

3. Dietary Supplements
You can take Multivitamins and other supplements if you're not getting enough nutrition your body needs. A healthy and balanced diet is crucial for a healthy body. A healthy body will not be too underweight.

Body Mass Index
Mass (kg) / (Height (m) x Height (m))
Calculate your BMI by dividing your mass with the square of your height.

Underweight = Less than 18.4
Normal = 18.5 to 24.9
Above Average = 25.0 to 29.9
Obese = 30.0 to 39.9
Very Obese = Greater than 40.0

If your BMI is Normal, then you're already alright! No need to gain or lose weight.

2. Calorie Calculator
This page provides a nutrition guide and a calorie counter so that you could calculate how much calorie you need to take to gain the weight you need.

If you're not overweight or underweight, there's no need to gain or lose weight. Don't overdo it!


Is Shoplifting Easy?

23 October 2009

A video about a shoplifting girl got caught crying for her mommy.

Shoplifting is not for everyone! When you get caught you can be sent to jail, do not try this at home, or other shops.

Evo showed me this video, so I decided to blog about it anyway. First I would like to clarify a little bit about the law, and I will explain it very briefly.

Rough Law
This applies to certain states/countries only. Concealment is a crime when you pocket a merchandise or hide it anywhere within you. You can be caught within the store itself.

2. Shoplifting
Also known as the five-finger discount, it does not apply when you take the item or pocket it in the shop. You are convicted of shoplifting when you exit the store without paying for the item (because as long as you're in the store, you can pay), and you can only be caught outside the store. If you're caught inside, it's concealment. Jailable, yes, both.

Anti-shoplifting Ways
1. Tags
Hard tags, soft tags, ink tags or whatever little dog tags you see on the item can sound the alarm when passing through the detection system.

2. CCTVs
First thing shoplifters do is look right at the cameras, bad. We can see your face, yum.

Radio Frequency Identification, is a little sticker that is commonly purple in colour. It's a square, can be in any size and will sound the alarm when passing through the detection system.

4. Guards
Noob guards that stand and slack all day just to check your goodies when you're about to exit the store. You can refuse, but just let them check to save the hassle.

5. Lost Protection Dudes
LPs are people who pretend to shop around, stick to suspicious people and do their job to catch shoplifters. They're there specifically for shoplifters, and they have the right to do whatever they want to you.

Well, I don't know how these people do it, but it seems that there are many anti-shoplifting devices now. It would be very HARD to shoplift. So if you think you want to shoplift, and steal things for a living, please don't. Crime is a crime, and it will be an addiction, it will be in your life forever. It's not worth it to go to jail for something that's worth maybe 50 bucks or less.


Dinglepop Fever

22 October 2009

A classic addictive online game that kills you.

Speaking about this Dinglepop, it's a game where you have to shoot coloured balls. Forming 3 balls in a connection will cause it to pop. This is similar to Puzzle Bubble or some Bubble Bobble kind of games. The only thing which makes it so different and so addictive is...MULTIPLAYER!!

Basic Gameplay
You start with a set of balls called dingles connected in an awkward or simple way, where you have to shoot a dingle one by one to connect them. 3 same coloured dingles connected will pop and will raise the wall. For every time you shoot 1 dingle, the wall will lower to reduce your playing space. The less space you have, the harder it is to shoot the dingles. For every dingle you pop, you will send a dingle to your opponent as well. There is a limit line below and if any of your dingles are too low until they touch that line, then you lose. If you finish all the dingles, then you win.

There are also items when you pop dingles, where you can use on your opponents or yourself to improve or devastate gameplay.

The Addictive Part
There's nothing so pumped up about beating your friends and making them die in front of your eyes. When you play this game, you can play with just anyone. You can also create your own room and set your own rules.

2. Items
There are many items as you pop the dingles. You can remove or add dingles, darken or colourize dingles, lower or raise the wall, scramble the positions of dingles and even swap the whole screen with your opponent's. The funny thing about this is, using items on your opponent at the right moment. As soon as your opponent was about to shoot a dingle, you can scramble or add dingles to them and they will mess up.

3. Levels and Medals
You can level up to show your skill, and earn medals as you win. There is also a counter for how much time you played the game. The player who spent the most time on this game would be ranked as The Biggest Time Waster.

Playing this game does require an amount of skill and angle prediction for your dingles to go where you want to be. You also need the skill of manipulating the items for your own good. This is a good game for all ages, and very addictive, not to mention competitive.

Nico and I were playing this game and we find it addictive. She seems to be quite good at this game. If you need a game to play, which require some skill, this may be the one for you.

Play It Now!!


Evo's Latest Map Released

21 October 2009

Evo's new map called Are You Retard? is now released for Warcraft III.

If you wanna test your intelligence, this is a nice map. Although some of the questions are retarded anyway and you can't really answer logically! This map tests whether you are a retard or not, and you'll win the game by completing all the challenges and reach the end.

Are You Retard
by Evo

You can go to Evo's blog ( to download it. Watch out for traps!


How to Cure Boredom?

20 October 2009

Life's boring? Nothing to do? Meaningless?! WRONG!

Yes, there are so much more to discover especially when we have the technology and Internet access! When you have the Internet, there's no MOTHERPUPPY way that you can say that you're bored! Use your imagination and think of something you haven't done before, and make use of your time to do it! I will give only 10 examples for each point I will present. The rest is up to you.

The Big Topics

1. Internet
a) Learn things that you don't know by visiting
b) Make your own projects such as electronics and many other fun/dangerous things by looking at
c) Watch dance videos and documentaries on
d) Look up on anything you wish to know on
e) Play online multiplayer games with the public and meet new people.
f) Chat in public chatrooms and try to scam some pedophiles.
g) Pick up a new hobby through tutorials online such as origami, dancing and music.
h) Create your own art and design using Photoshop by visiting for tutorials.
i) Write your own blog to guide anyone or simply announce your life to everyone.
j) Make your own animations using Flash. A rough guide on the traditional way can be found here.

2. Indoor Activities
a) Take pictures of yourself in many random poses and have fun with it.
b) Open the radio and dance in front of the mirror. You could sing along too.
c) Draw comics of your friends (doesn't matter if it's stick figure) and laugh!
d) Watch anything you see on TV because some shows are so dumb that you'll enjoy it.
e) Jump on your bed like a trampoline and try to do sommersaults.
f) Write a novel or a book.
g) Get a damn musical instrument and play it! No one can live without one!!
h) Do all your chores and clean up your room.
i) Dress up yourself with different clothes, mix and match them so you can see which one looks good on you.
j) Meditate, relax and sort your life out.

3. Outdoor Activities
a) Solo hiking!
b) Go fishing alone.
c) Go swimming alone.
d) Exercise and jog for 20km. Be sure to do some warm ups and stretches too.
e) Water your garden and enjoy the fresh air in your patio.
f) Get a dog and take it for a walk.
g) Do something stupid and anonymous like climbing onto your neighbours' window to scare them.
h) Pour some soap in any fountain you see and enjoy the view.
i) Prank someone by calling anyone with a payphone and say that they won a prize.
j) Walk around the area you're living in to discover new neighbours and areas you haven't been to.

And that's about the 30 things of the various other things you can do. I'm not responsible for any of your acts I suggested in the Outdoor Activities section if you get caught by the police. Let your imagination run wild! The harder it is to do, the more guts you require to do it, the more fun it will be.


How to Schedule for Exams?

19 October 2009

This is mainly for SPM students in Malaysia here!

Alright! You have around 30 days from now to prepare! Can you, face the ultimate challenge of it all, to do your best and obtain the best results you can for your own future?! The future is uncertain, but we could always try our best to do anything we can.

Now, realizing how late it is to start now, this is the last minute revision thing and you should be as relaxed as possible. This is not the time to panic, because it will not make much of a difference. Now you just have to realise you need to spend about 30 minutes to an hour everyday to revise and learn the things you don't know.

Now, we will make a schedule like this. This is my way of doing it, so if you wanna copy, go ahead. For every day, you just put in one subject, and study for that subject for only about 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your mood on that day.

Revision Timetable!
PhysicsChemistryHistoryAdd. MathsBiologyBM / BIAnything

I made this timetable according to my tuition and school timetable. On Monday I have Physics tuition, so I would study about Physics on Sunday to be ready. Tuesday I have Chemistry in school, so I will study about it on Monday. The others are the same as well.

I took out Pendidikan Moral and Modern Mathematics because I have the confidence in these two subjects. I can just look it up anytime on Sunday. Remember, 30 minutes to 2 hours would already be enough! Don't stress yourself, start revising!


How to Animate?

16 October 2009

This is how you animate things the traditional way...

With computers and technology rising in this digital age, many/all animators use computer programmes and graphics to create animation for realistic effects. Some of them even used 3D Modelling programmes to create them, but because of the cell shading rendering, it will look like 2D drawings. However, for those interested you can just simply make one, using your own hands.

Tools Required
- Pencil
- Pen
- Paper
- Adobe/Macromedia Flash Programme -OR- Flipbook/Book where you can flip easily

Drawing Precisely
When you use this method, there isn't really a way of drawing so precisely that every line you draw is the same as the previous one. If you want to retain any part of the drawings from the last scene, you could just draw it separately and only animate the parts you want to animate.

Example: Character doesn't move, but he's blinking his eyes. So draw the face without his eyes and draw frame by frame for the eyes.

This only applies if you use Flash. Else, if you're using a flipbook, you gotta redraw everything.

How to Determine the Frames Per Second?
The more FPS you have, the more detailed your animation is. The more slight movements you draw, the better. Just imagine that time is passing, and you are holding a camera. You are going to take a burst shot (frame-by-frame capture) and it will be what your camera can capture. Draw that in. You can also vary the FPS soon if it doesn't match in Flash. If you're using a Flipbook, just flip it slower or quicker when you reach that part.

Simple Steps
1. Draw anything on the first frame/paper, let's say a guy.
2. Put the 2nd paper on top of the first one and draw it as if time is passing. (Think of it as frame-by-frame camera shot.)
3. Repeat it until you have what you want.

Here is one simple 3 frame animation I made using this traditional's kinda boring and it loops over and over again. It explains my lazy nature =D

Right-click and click Zoom In once, then drag around for better quality/animation feel.
Yes, it looks different if you don't zoom in once because the initial resolution is bigger.

Looks dumb and ugly, eyes won't blink! I'm not a good animator anyway so this is just a rough guide. It's animated at 12 frames-per-second, which is actually good enough if you don't want to draw so much.

Search for colouring guides using computer programmes like Photoshop! For skintones, you can go to this site ( as they provide all the skintones and a few guides there!


How to View CCTV Cameras?

15 October 2009

Hacking CCTV cameras? No, just live streaming from the Internet.

First of all, this is not illegal. It's illegal when you need to break in CCTVs which needs login access. Most of the CCTVs you get to see online which allow public viewing are probably already for public purposes.

1. Go to
2. Now, copy and paste one of this into the searchbox and click Search.

intitle:”Live View / – AXIS” inurl:view/view.shtml^
intitle:”live view” intitle:axis
allintitle:”Network Camera NetworkCamera”
intitle:axis intitle:”video server”
intitle:liveapplet inurl:LvAppl
intitle:”Live NetSnap Cam-Server feed”
intitle:”Live View / - AXIS 206M”
intitle:”Live View / - AXIS 206W”
intitle:”Live View / - AXIS 210″
inurl:indexFrame.shtml Axis
intitle:start inurl:cgistart
intitle:”WJ-NT104 Main Page”
intitle:snc-z20 inurl:home/
intitle:snc-cs3 inurl:home/
intitle:snc-rz30 inurl:home/
intitle:”sony network camera snc-p1″
intitle:”Toshiba Network Camera” user login
intitle:”i-Catcher Console - Web Monitor”

3. If it prompts to install an ActiveX, then install it. It would be used to view the camera, where you can pan or zoom if it allows you to.

This is not a guide on how to hack into CCTV cameras and view them for bad purposes! But you can view these live stream cameras anywhere in the world just to take a peek. Sometimes you might see unwanted stuff? Who knows.


How to Keep Promises?

14 October 2009

Yakusoku da? Or not...

We make promises to people a lot, and sometimes we don't do it. In order to really keep a promise, we shouldn't promise others many things. We should think carefully and always remember a promise. It is because we know we have the ability to do it, that is why we promise others. However, even though we know we can, it doesn't mean we will!


Rough Rules
1. Promise when you know you can and will do it.

2. Do not forget a promise. If you have many things in mind, stop promising others.

3. Voice out your troubles to fulfill the promise when making one so you and the other person can reconsider.

4. Promise only when you like/willingly do it.

5. Do not fake a promise just to make someone happy.

Some of us know we can do it, but we just wanna make that person happy, so we promise them even though we don't like it. Stop doing so and speak the truth, it would save all the hassle especially when you're doing that for your girlfriend. Girls are...crazy. Promise them and you might not do it, they go crazy. Don't promise them and they'll go even crazier.

The best you can do is don't promise them and let them go crazy all they want while you have peace of mind! =D


School Gangsterism in Ipoh

12 October 2009

Gangsterism in secondary schools? Wannabe? Those in Ipoh...

I read Ga Yen's blog and saw a simple and short post, saying that gangsters are not that simple. In our age, if we call the "gangsters" we know gangsters, we are really making a joke out of the whole gangster thing here.

Gangster means a member of a criminal organization. In Ipoh, we commonly use it to describe someone's attitude which is dominating, violent and idiotic, somewhat like a gangster.

Soul Crew: Nub gangsterz especially the one with the Converse shirt.

Are School Gangsters As Simple As We Think?
For me, I would say they are simple and direct. What they want, they'll just do it, perhaps in a more violent way. There's nothing so sophisticated about them and they can still be good friends as well as good people. This is mainly because they still have a heart, they still have something they fear or like and they lack the knowledge to really screw someone up.

Doing It For The Thrill
These school gangsters commit these sort of crimes for the thrill. Some do it because it's their way of getting what they want. However, these acts are not profitable at all. That is why they waste their time doing so. The only profitable crime I could think of is theft. Even so, these so called school "gangsters" wouldn't have the guts/cunning ability to do a bigger theft other than stealing from classmates and other students.

Being The Boss
Being the boss does not put you above everything. If you try to implement fear on others, be sure your opponent is a dumb or cowardly one. Unless you have the huge amount of power like Mafia and so on, you won't be The Boss just yet.

Assaulting someone is not to be taken so lightly. A slap, a punch, or any kind of contact which is indecent can be an attack. It basically depends on how our innocent students handle the problem when they really get assaulted.

Bully: Epic game?

School gangsterism is really nothing to worry about. This is the teachers and parents' job to educate, and we don't really need to care much about it. If you face a "gangster" in school, just treat him normally. "Gangsters" in school level isn't that gangster-ish after all. They're still normal students, with a normal heart. If you don't step on their tail, they would be your friend. Instead, some could be protective enough to help you when you're in trouble.

So there isn't really a need to discriminate them although we could always choose our friends. Gangsterism age has ended. The only thing still going on is organized crime for theft and drugs, not vandalism or murder. That too, they do not call themselves gangsters. They are people who hide their identity, who will seem good from the outside.


Memorial Drawings

11 October 2009

Nico draws me pictures while we're dating.

We are too far from each other, and it is hard for us to keep our relationship and improve it. Nico draws me pictures to show her love to me (keep me attracted) and as something that we could remember about. She also drawn many different things on her wood projects as well as her Grade 7 Ballet Book.

Looking back at these in my computer melts my heart, and every simple drawing she drawn for me I had kept. So lovers, anything you draw, anything you write, it means a lot to your beloved.


Gaming Sportsmanship

09 October 2009

All gamers should apply the following rules when playing any multiplayer game.

Do not exploit bugs which do not require any skill of eliminating the other players.
2. Do not rant about players who are poor at that game.
3. Do not ask players to leave because they have poor skill.
4. Be nice to newbies and teach them if they ask, or offer them guidance.
5. Play for fun, not for winning, even if it includes simply playing but as long as you have fun.
6. Do not cheat, hack or use third-party programmes to aid your gameplay.

Kill Stealing
This does not apply to good sportsmanship or not, it's just how your partner would help you in case you fail to kill the other player.

People who lag do not intentionally cause the lag, so politely ask them to leave or accept them if your server is lagging. If it is too much to withstand, kick them. If your server isn't lagging, then it's always alright for them to stay.

They are basically the newer players who haven't mastered the game. Leave them alone and enjoy the game.

A player that leaves means he has lost the game. If he affects other players (teamwork games) then they would just have to accept it.

One other thing is, if you're in the cyber cafe, please refrain from shouting and squealing because you're disrupting everyone. I know it's very exciting, but we will never see good gamers screaming anywhere.

I hope gamers should embrace the sportsmanship and mental well-being of it and not provoking anger or humiliating themselves and the gaming society by practicing good sportsmanship. Gaming is a source of entertainment, and if you want to win, get a clan and go on a competition. Then winning makes sense, else, just stop playing and you'll make the gaming world better.


How to Write Good Essay?

07 October 2009

A couple of tips to write a composition mainly for those who are currently in secondary school.

What you write must be eye-catching and compelling in order for your readers to absorb everything you want to deliver to them immediately. In secondary schools, our English examination on Continious Writing provides 5 topics to write on, which some have no format. As usual, just pick the one without a format, as these topics are normally one word topics, or sometihng very general where you can write anything related to that topic. It is a question where your answer cannot be wrong, because it is how you think of it!

Grammar and spelling are the two most important things in an essay. These two are the main things you should focus on first before you come looking on how to write something that catches the eye.

Simple Tips
1. Wide and correct usage of vocabulary.
If you are basically good at English already, improving vocabulary helps in showing off your skills and understanding of English. Your general usage of words shows how thorough you are and your ability in describing almost anything.

2. Describe situations precisely.
Most of us do not completely describe a situation that we want to write about. Especially when writing a story, we need to have the ability to convert what happened in our mind into words. That is why the vocabulary is important, because you can describe anything. Assume the reader knows nothing, even if it is general.

3. Being organized.
Once you look at the topic, be sure to develop a plan or a main theme for it. Understand what you are going to write about, and how you are going to write it. If you do not plan, you tend to change topics and jump back and forth in your composition. This will confuse the reader and your points will not be elaborated correctly.

4. Avoid being repetitive.
Do not repeat the same sentence or write about something which has the same meaning. Do not repeat a sentence just to strengthen a point but you can try giving the importance/reason of your point instead.

5. Use examples.
What most examiners want are REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES or APPLICATIONS that relate to our lives. If you know a tragedy that you read about in the news which you can relate in your topic, do it.

6. Tell something that not everyone knows just by common sense.
This is the use of the one word topics you can answer in your examinations. When you answer these questions, you can basically write anything as long as there is a slight relation to the topic. Write your own views, your own interpretation and how you look at it. Your original views generally develops the interest of readers. When writing about facts, be sure your facts are accurate and complete. Tell facts using your own words, not copy and paste/memorized sentences from the Internet.

Examples of Words
You can use certain words to replace the words you are currently using so your essay won't be so dull.

Show - Portray, Illustrate, Bestow
Home - House, Abode, Habitat
Destroy - Devastate, Ravage, Obliterate

Do not simply switch your words though, some words may have somewhat the same meaning, but not suitable for that condition you are trying to explain.

Lastly, finish your essay with a strong and definitive conclusion! Be sure to relax and have fun while composing your own essay. If you're stressed, you might not be able to get the results you wanted! Don't put people to sleep with your writing too.


How to Get Freebies

05 October 2009

How to get free stuff online using a few minutes every day!

Now my friend Guo Kang has told me about this website called Lockerz. He invited me into it, to...get his extra points. This is like a BonusLink programme or something, where you log in everyday to get points. The points can be used to exchange branded items, cool electronics, and more. It's a fair deal, you only need a few minutes everyday.

You also score points by answering daily questions which is like a survey. So on an average basis, you could earn 4 points per day. When you first join Lockerz, you can play this game to collect as many points as possible, but you can only do it once and only once.

Lockerz' PTZ Place - The menu to exchange your points with cool items!

However, if you want to join Lockerz, you need an invitation. If you need any, you can kindly leave your e-mail in the Message Board and I will mail it to you when I see it. Participate! Even though it might take some time to accumulate your points, but its simple and easy! Don't miss out!


How to Sketch Anime Heads?

01 October 2009

How to sketch a simple, anime-style head that is facing you in 8 steps.

If you love to draw, but your drawing sucks, don't worry! Practice makes perfect, and here is a short guide on how to sketch a simple anime head that anyone can do if you follow closely.

What You Need
- Pencil
- Eraser
- Compass
- Paper


1. Use a compass to draw a circle on a piece of paper.

2. At about the edge of the circle, draw two lines down which are pointing slightly inwards.

3. Join the lines together by drawing another 2 lines down inwards where it connects at a point in-line with the centre of the circle.

4. At the intersection between the added lines and the circle, draw a horizontal curved line across, it doesn't have to be perfect, just a guideline.

5. Start the eyes on the line you've just drawn like this. The nostrils is located at the end of the circle below, and you can just draw the mouth in-line with the intersection of the 2 lines below.

6. Draw the bangs in whatever style you like. I prefer sharp and spiky.

7. Remember that hair is spoofy, it doesn't stick to the head flat. So draw along the head with a slight distance.

8. Erase the lines you are not supposed to see, add whatever you like. This is a completed version with longer hair just by adding extra 2 lines.

Yes, I'm using my phone camera, very bad quality. This is just a simple guide to get anyone to be able to start sketching anime heads, because sketching is simple and quick. Front view will be your easiest sketch and getting your proportions right before you work on persepective. You can vary the height of the face, the eye positions, nose, size of the eyes, size of mouth and so on to create many different characters. Don't forget to add eyebrows and ears if your character's hair isn't blocking them unlike mine.

Every person's drawing style differs from the other, as long as it looks okay, you won't have a problem. Some of us won't notice proportion and perspective mistakes, sometimes our drawings are exaggerated, but as long as it looks alright, people will still like it. Keep up the good work!

Eye Shading?
I don't have time to make this but there are many kinds of shading, it's just how you want to do it. Here's how I did for the one above.

1. Draw two little balls at one corner in the eyes, top and bottom for the gloss/reflection.
2. Divide the eyes into 3 sections by drawing 3 horizontal lines equally.
3. Shade from darkest to lightest from top to bottom.
4. Draw an oval at the middle and shade it darkest.