Gaming Sportsmanship

09 October 2009

All gamers should apply the following rules when playing any multiplayer game.

Do not exploit bugs which do not require any skill of eliminating the other players.
2. Do not rant about players who are poor at that game.
3. Do not ask players to leave because they have poor skill.
4. Be nice to newbies and teach them if they ask, or offer them guidance.
5. Play for fun, not for winning, even if it includes simply playing but as long as you have fun.
6. Do not cheat, hack or use third-party programmes to aid your gameplay.

Kill Stealing
This does not apply to good sportsmanship or not, it's just how your partner would help you in case you fail to kill the other player.

People who lag do not intentionally cause the lag, so politely ask them to leave or accept them if your server is lagging. If it is too much to withstand, kick them. If your server isn't lagging, then it's always alright for them to stay.

They are basically the newer players who haven't mastered the game. Leave them alone and enjoy the game.

A player that leaves means he has lost the game. If he affects other players (teamwork games) then they would just have to accept it.

One other thing is, if you're in the cyber cafe, please refrain from shouting and squealing because you're disrupting everyone. I know it's very exciting, but we will never see good gamers screaming anywhere.

I hope gamers should embrace the sportsmanship and mental well-being of it and not provoking anger or humiliating themselves and the gaming society by practicing good sportsmanship. Gaming is a source of entertainment, and if you want to win, get a clan and go on a competition. Then winning makes sense, else, just stop playing and you'll make the gaming world better.