Dinglepop Fever

22 October 2009

A classic addictive online game that kills you.

Speaking about this Dinglepop, it's a game where you have to shoot coloured balls. Forming 3 balls in a connection will cause it to pop. This is similar to Puzzle Bubble or some Bubble Bobble kind of games. The only thing which makes it so different and so addictive is...MULTIPLAYER!!

Basic Gameplay
You start with a set of balls called dingles connected in an awkward or simple way, where you have to shoot a dingle one by one to connect them. 3 same coloured dingles connected will pop and will raise the wall. For every time you shoot 1 dingle, the wall will lower to reduce your playing space. The less space you have, the harder it is to shoot the dingles. For every dingle you pop, you will send a dingle to your opponent as well. There is a limit line below and if any of your dingles are too low until they touch that line, then you lose. If you finish all the dingles, then you win.

There are also items when you pop dingles, where you can use on your opponents or yourself to improve or devastate gameplay.

The Addictive Part
There's nothing so pumped up about beating your friends and making them die in front of your eyes. When you play this game, you can play with just anyone. You can also create your own room and set your own rules.

2. Items
There are many items as you pop the dingles. You can remove or add dingles, darken or colourize dingles, lower or raise the wall, scramble the positions of dingles and even swap the whole screen with your opponent's. The funny thing about this is, using items on your opponent at the right moment. As soon as your opponent was about to shoot a dingle, you can scramble or add dingles to them and they will mess up.

3. Levels and Medals
You can level up to show your skill, and earn medals as you win. There is also a counter for how much time you played the game. The player who spent the most time on this game would be ranked as The Biggest Time Waster.

Playing this game does require an amount of skill and angle prediction for your dingles to go where you want to be. You also need the skill of manipulating the items for your own good. This is a good game for all ages, and very addictive, not to mention competitive.

Nico and I were playing this game and we find it addictive. She seems to be quite good at this game. If you need a game to play, which require some skill, this may be the one for you.

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