How to Cure Boredom?

20 October 2009

Life's boring? Nothing to do? Meaningless?! WRONG!

Yes, there are so much more to discover especially when we have the technology and Internet access! When you have the Internet, there's no MOTHERPUPPY way that you can say that you're bored! Use your imagination and think of something you haven't done before, and make use of your time to do it! I will give only 10 examples for each point I will present. The rest is up to you.

The Big Topics

1. Internet
a) Learn things that you don't know by visiting
b) Make your own projects such as electronics and many other fun/dangerous things by looking at
c) Watch dance videos and documentaries on
d) Look up on anything you wish to know on
e) Play online multiplayer games with the public and meet new people.
f) Chat in public chatrooms and try to scam some pedophiles.
g) Pick up a new hobby through tutorials online such as origami, dancing and music.
h) Create your own art and design using Photoshop by visiting for tutorials.
i) Write your own blog to guide anyone or simply announce your life to everyone.
j) Make your own animations using Flash. A rough guide on the traditional way can be found here.

2. Indoor Activities
a) Take pictures of yourself in many random poses and have fun with it.
b) Open the radio and dance in front of the mirror. You could sing along too.
c) Draw comics of your friends (doesn't matter if it's stick figure) and laugh!
d) Watch anything you see on TV because some shows are so dumb that you'll enjoy it.
e) Jump on your bed like a trampoline and try to do sommersaults.
f) Write a novel or a book.
g) Get a damn musical instrument and play it! No one can live without one!!
h) Do all your chores and clean up your room.
i) Dress up yourself with different clothes, mix and match them so you can see which one looks good on you.
j) Meditate, relax and sort your life out.

3. Outdoor Activities
a) Solo hiking!
b) Go fishing alone.
c) Go swimming alone.
d) Exercise and jog for 20km. Be sure to do some warm ups and stretches too.
e) Water your garden and enjoy the fresh air in your patio.
f) Get a dog and take it for a walk.
g) Do something stupid and anonymous like climbing onto your neighbours' window to scare them.
h) Pour some soap in any fountain you see and enjoy the view.
i) Prank someone by calling anyone with a payphone and say that they won a prize.
j) Walk around the area you're living in to discover new neighbours and areas you haven't been to.

And that's about the 30 things of the various other things you can do. I'm not responsible for any of your acts I suggested in the Outdoor Activities section if you get caught by the police. Let your imagination run wild! The harder it is to do, the more guts you require to do it, the more fun it will be.