How to Keep Promises?

14 October 2009

Yakusoku da? Or not...

We make promises to people a lot, and sometimes we don't do it. In order to really keep a promise, we shouldn't promise others many things. We should think carefully and always remember a promise. It is because we know we have the ability to do it, that is why we promise others. However, even though we know we can, it doesn't mean we will!


Rough Rules
1. Promise when you know you can and will do it.

2. Do not forget a promise. If you have many things in mind, stop promising others.

3. Voice out your troubles to fulfill the promise when making one so you and the other person can reconsider.

4. Promise only when you like/willingly do it.

5. Do not fake a promise just to make someone happy.

Some of us know we can do it, but we just wanna make that person happy, so we promise them even though we don't like it. Stop doing so and speak the truth, it would save all the hassle especially when you're doing that for your girlfriend. Girls are...crazy. Promise them and you might not do it, they go crazy. Don't promise them and they'll go even crazier.

The best you can do is don't promise them and let them go crazy all they want while you have peace of mind! =D