Is Shoplifting Easy?

23 October 2009

A video about a shoplifting girl got caught crying for her mommy.

Shoplifting is not for everyone! When you get caught you can be sent to jail, do not try this at home, or other shops.

Evo showed me this video, so I decided to blog about it anyway. First I would like to clarify a little bit about the law, and I will explain it very briefly.

Rough Law
This applies to certain states/countries only. Concealment is a crime when you pocket a merchandise or hide it anywhere within you. You can be caught within the store itself.

2. Shoplifting
Also known as the five-finger discount, it does not apply when you take the item or pocket it in the shop. You are convicted of shoplifting when you exit the store without paying for the item (because as long as you're in the store, you can pay), and you can only be caught outside the store. If you're caught inside, it's concealment. Jailable, yes, both.

Anti-shoplifting Ways
1. Tags
Hard tags, soft tags, ink tags or whatever little dog tags you see on the item can sound the alarm when passing through the detection system.

2. CCTVs
First thing shoplifters do is look right at the cameras, bad. We can see your face, yum.

Radio Frequency Identification, is a little sticker that is commonly purple in colour. It's a square, can be in any size and will sound the alarm when passing through the detection system.

4. Guards
Noob guards that stand and slack all day just to check your goodies when you're about to exit the store. You can refuse, but just let them check to save the hassle.

5. Lost Protection Dudes
LPs are people who pretend to shop around, stick to suspicious people and do their job to catch shoplifters. They're there specifically for shoplifters, and they have the right to do whatever they want to you.

Well, I don't know how these people do it, but it seems that there are many anti-shoplifting devices now. It would be very HARD to shoplift. So if you think you want to shoplift, and steal things for a living, please don't. Crime is a crime, and it will be an addiction, it will be in your life forever. It's not worth it to go to jail for something that's worth maybe 50 bucks or less.