School Gangsterism in Ipoh

12 October 2009

Gangsterism in secondary schools? Wannabe? Those in Ipoh...

I read Ga Yen's blog and saw a simple and short post, saying that gangsters are not that simple. In our age, if we call the "gangsters" we know gangsters, we are really making a joke out of the whole gangster thing here.

Gangster means a member of a criminal organization. In Ipoh, we commonly use it to describe someone's attitude which is dominating, violent and idiotic, somewhat like a gangster.

Soul Crew: Nub gangsterz especially the one with the Converse shirt.

Are School Gangsters As Simple As We Think?
For me, I would say they are simple and direct. What they want, they'll just do it, perhaps in a more violent way. There's nothing so sophisticated about them and they can still be good friends as well as good people. This is mainly because they still have a heart, they still have something they fear or like and they lack the knowledge to really screw someone up.

Doing It For The Thrill
These school gangsters commit these sort of crimes for the thrill. Some do it because it's their way of getting what they want. However, these acts are not profitable at all. That is why they waste their time doing so. The only profitable crime I could think of is theft. Even so, these so called school "gangsters" wouldn't have the guts/cunning ability to do a bigger theft other than stealing from classmates and other students.

Being The Boss
Being the boss does not put you above everything. If you try to implement fear on others, be sure your opponent is a dumb or cowardly one. Unless you have the huge amount of power like Mafia and so on, you won't be The Boss just yet.

Assaulting someone is not to be taken so lightly. A slap, a punch, or any kind of contact which is indecent can be an attack. It basically depends on how our innocent students handle the problem when they really get assaulted.

Bully: Epic game?

School gangsterism is really nothing to worry about. This is the teachers and parents' job to educate, and we don't really need to care much about it. If you face a "gangster" in school, just treat him normally. "Gangsters" in school level isn't that gangster-ish after all. They're still normal students, with a normal heart. If you don't step on their tail, they would be your friend. Instead, some could be protective enough to help you when you're in trouble.

So there isn't really a need to discriminate them although we could always choose our friends. Gangsterism age has ended. The only thing still going on is organized crime for theft and drugs, not vandalism or murder. That too, they do not call themselves gangsters. They are people who hide their identity, who will seem good from the outside.