How to Get Freebies

05 October 2009

How to get free stuff online using a few minutes every day!

Now my friend Guo Kang has told me about this website called Lockerz. He invited me into it, to...get his extra points. This is like a BonusLink programme or something, where you log in everyday to get points. The points can be used to exchange branded items, cool electronics, and more. It's a fair deal, you only need a few minutes everyday.

You also score points by answering daily questions which is like a survey. So on an average basis, you could earn 4 points per day. When you first join Lockerz, you can play this game to collect as many points as possible, but you can only do it once and only once.

Lockerz' PTZ Place - The menu to exchange your points with cool items!

However, if you want to join Lockerz, you need an invitation. If you need any, you can kindly leave your e-mail in the Message Board and I will mail it to you when I see it. Participate! Even though it might take some time to accumulate your points, but its simple and easy! Don't miss out!